A common question I hear from brides to be is whether or not it was worthwhile to book in a wedding videographer? And as a bride to be myself (getting hitched 5/6/18!) and trying to stick to a budget – I fully understand how the cost adds up very quickly and usually the video is an afterthought if there is anything leftover in the budget! According to MoneySmart, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200 – and if you break it down, the biggest expense is usually the reception, then wedding attire, photography and music, flowers, cars, invitations etc…it will all eat up to a big hole in your pocket!

Having witnessed many weddings in my role as the videographer, I have to remind brides and groom to take a moment to take a breath and soak it all in because your wedding day will pass at lightning speed! You will be busy taking photos, trying to talk to every family and friend and worry about little things that sometimes you forget to relax and enjoy your special day!

Exhausted and probably with a few too many drinks in your system, your recollection of the wedding day will be a distant memory. You will be able to look back at your professional photos and see a beautifully polished product, but there are some things photos cannot capture.

Videos will transport you back in a way photos cannot. Experience the atmosphere again, see the look on your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle, your guests kicking back and having fun or laughing at the speeches. Ultimately, you spend a lot of money on your dress, the flowers, the hair and makeup and reception to look glorious for one fantastic day, but your wedding video will be an investment for your future. You may not watch it all the time, but it will be something you can watch on anniversaries, show your kids or grand kids or to family and friends overseas who could not make the wedding but wanted to see the highlights. Memories are priceless, and there is no value you can place on the day you and your partner choose each other.

On a final note – do your research and find a videographer that you are happy with and you like their quality of work. Check out their website to watch examples of other wedding videos and meet for a coffee and chat as the photographer and videographer will spend a lot of time with you, so it is important to feel at ease in their company.

On that note, I would love to take you out for a coffee and chat about your videography needs for your wedding day! 2018 is fast approaching, and popular Saturday dates will be in high demand this summer! Plus as a bonus offer, mention this post, and I’ll throw in a FREE video guestbook for your guests to record a personalised video message for you if you choose a Gold or Diamond package! Email Vivian at switchflickproductions@gmail.com.au.

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