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Terms & Conditions


Your project or wedding package will include a complimentary meeting with Vivian from Switchflick to discuss your schedule or job brief. At this stage we would agree on what package or work is required to suit your needs. To lock in your wedding date or a job, a 30% non-refundable deposit must be paid within 14 days of the invoice sent otherwise the date becomes voided and available for other customers to book. 40% payment is required 2 weeks prior to day of the wedding and the final 30% is payable when the video is edited and ready for delivery. 50% is required as a minimum deposit for the bronze only package. Final payment must be paid in full before the video is released to the client. A schedule of the planned events, contact numbers, floor plan and location addresses would need to be provided to Switchflick a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the wedding to prepare in advance.


The team at Switchflick will follow the schedule to start & finish at the agreed time as discussed in your meeting or correspondence with Switchflick. An hourly fee of $80 per camera per person applies for filming after the time allocated in the package options. Please be aware to capture audio properly, we will need the person to be mike up with a wireless lapel microphone. It is recommended to be on the groom’s jacket during the ceremony. In case of rain or elements that may cause damage to the Switchflick team or equipment, Switchflick will need to forfeit at the risk of this incident. Switchflick will not be held liable for any issues that may arise from production beyond our control such as bad weather, poor lighting, acoustics, accidents, interference from guests etc. If the team at Switchflick are required to film wedding receptions, clients are expected to provide meals for cinematographers.


Clients to provide Switchflick with music choices (where applicable in edit). Final delivery will be discussed at the initial consultation with Switchflick to meet the deadline. Switchflick will edit the agreed themes; two full edits are allowed with packages, any extra requests for additional segments will incur additional hourly fees. A sample of the first cut will be uploaded to youtube or vimeo (unlisted only) to preview, clients can make requests for edits for a total of two times included in the packages. Any additional changes will incur an hourly $50 per hour fee.
Same day edits: no longer than 2-minute video, the client must ensure venue has working audio/visual equipment & music chosen in advance. Special requests must be made in advance, the client must specify their brief to Switchflick on what they would like shown on the same day edit to allow time for editing. One edit is allowed (if time permits) on the day and one final edit delivered to the client upon final payment.

All or part of this video may be used by Switchflick Productions for promotional purposes. If the client wishes to retain all exclusive rights, a fee of $400 is payable. Copyright of all product will be owned by the Client and Switchflick Productions. The music used are licensed for home-use only and is not to be uploaded onto the internet or displayed publicly. The home-use music license allows for up to 20 copies to be made, if the client requires more than that amount will need to purchase an extended license. The music used for the highlights video, if part of the package, is licensed for that single piece of work only and does not give the client any right to use in other projects. The license used for the highlights video, and only the highlights video, allows for public sharing.