In case you aren’t already aware but video content on social is HUGE! In particular, Facebook is nothing but video these days and if you are a business operator or a marketer and haven’t got video in your content strategy then you need to get on it!

Have a look at your newsfeed – scroll down and notice what catches your attention? More than likely it is a video that plays automatically, possibly without sound but with captions to get its point across. Short, sharp and shiny videos are the new frontiers.

Now I get it – the thought of conceptualising, filming and editing a video is daunting – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and there is a misconception that a video with decent production values will cost you your soul! There was a time where high-end video productions created mainly for television commercials was a costly exercise – it probably still is but there is a more effective AND affordable option – video marketing on Facebook. Yes – that’s where people hang out alot and anyone can do it, just as long as you do it right! It could be a simple post or a Facebook video advertising or the soon to be released video on your cover photo – wow Mark Zuckerberg is really loving video right now and he thinks you should too!

If you’re needing some inspiration, here are some examples of some great creative video content for social in my time.

If you’re a professional service business, what better way to build trust and credibility than to get yourself on camera to talk about the trends or be a recognised thought leader in your industry. Or one of my favourites – customer testimonial videos! In a world where we scrutinise other people’s reviews (aka TripAdvisor) before making a decision to commit and purchase – nothing comes across more genuine and real than someone’s great experience on video! Or for retail, e-commerce or product oriented businesses – your customers want to see your products in action! Film a short video of your amazing product in a live environment, make it clever, original and unique! For the hospitality industry – why not film a video demonstration for today’s special to really get the tastebuds going – or better yet, show us your fancy cocktail of the week for Fridays – trust me I’ll be there!

So you get the point – video content is compelling, it evokes emotions, it’s entertaining and it gets results! By the end of 2017 – video will be seen in over 70% of your newsfeed so make sure you don’t miss the boat and start working on a strategy now! And not just on an ad-hoc basis – you should be adding video content consistently into your strategy!

Now if the idea of video productions scares you and your pocket – don’t sweat the small stuff, let Switchflick take care of it without breaking your budget. We offer various video packages specially designed with social in mind.

Package 1: 3 x videos, under 60 seconds duration each, 4 hours allocated time to film. Includes basic graphic and audio. Only $900 ($300 each).

Package 2: 6 x videos, under 60 seconds duration each, 8 hours allocated time to film. Includes basic graphic and audio. Only $1740 ($290 each).

Package 3: 10 x videos, under 60 seconds duration each, 12 hours allocated time to film. Includes basic graphic and audio. Only $2700 ($270 each).

One-off videos: 3-4 minute highlight video, ideal for covering events with basic graphics and audio. Filming limited to 2 hours. $450.

Request for additional edits, voiceover, presenters, extra graphics and more will incur extra costs. Videos to be used for social only.

Enquire with Switchflick Productions now!


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