When your event requires sponsorship and supporters for funding, most businesses would typically acknowledge their support with a logo placement in print, outdoor signage, a verbal or online shout out via social media – but is it enough?

Whether you’ve got a platinum sponsor or community supporter for an event, wouldn’t it be great to provide them a visual experience on how their dollars, donations or assistance were applied? The most effective way of doing this is by harnessing the power of video marketing to capture key moments of the event and edit it together in a video to showcase the event and result.

A example of this in action was for a 6-week job for Switchflick Productions, although based in Adelaide, South Australia. Vivian travelled to remote Tennant Creek, Northern Territory to cover the Desert Harmony Festival organised by Barkly Regional Arts. The festival ran for 6 days and had numerous sponsors and supporters. Vivian covered the event and put together a video summary with a special message from the Festival Manager to personally thank the sponsors which was then shared through various social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and the website. Also remember a good digital and marketing strategy should also accompany this.


The value in acknowledging sponsors was not only beneficial towards the various organisations involved but also to the community to see who supported the event and encourage potential sponsorship to secure future events.

Watch the example of a sponsorship video below and contact Vivian from Switchflick Productions at switchflickproductions@gmail.com if you would like your next event filmed and edited.

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