In the US, businesses are producing an average of 18 new videos per month! With video content being the best performing post type on Facebook at the moment, this does not come as a surprise but are Australian businesses catching up to this trend? Before you panic and start throwing video content in your posts – take some time to conceptualising and plan your video content plan appropriately to turn it into a successful video campaign.

There are numerous ways to incorporate video content into your marketing plan, the most popular types of videos created are explainer, product demonstrations, how-to videos and testimonials are the most common videos produced; and website and social channels are the most common distribution channel.

But what makes a video great? Everyone loves a good story, it evokes emotion, and people can relate to it and makes information easier to consume. Taking the time to script and create a video storyboard will help you take a good video to great!

The first few seconds are crucial to capture your audience’s attention, and engage them enough to continue watching in full, the length should not be too long and get to the point.

It is easy to get carried away and unnecessarily complicate your video with too much content. A successful video story should be simple and the key is to stick to one story per video.

The key to a successful video campaign is to ensure your story or content is brief, concise and use captions for mobile viewers to watch without sound.

And don’t be afraid to be different, instead of doing a video about your business and what service or products you offer, keep your audience in mind and what they might find interesting. Perhaps a story about one of your products, a profile on a staff member, a customer’s experience, a how-to or demonstrational video –  adopt a style and get creative with content and create sub-stories to build your brand awareness to be authentic and unique! Your audience will remember you and relate to you as a result!

The rewards you reap with a successfully implemented video campaign will be worthwhile, a great video on social will not only be viewed more but your audience are likely to pay attention to it, retain the information or message and if it is of value – share to their contacts and give you more exposure over time.

Still – where does a video novice begin with camera gear, good lighting, audio, exporting, editing and whizz bang stuff to make it actually look good? There are some videos that do not need much technical expertise, but if you want to step it up a notch, why not contact Switchflick Productions to book in a videographer to take the hassle out of your video project. You can book a suite of video packages to schedule them for your social posts! Visit for more information.

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